• Essential for on the Plane. Helps baby Sleep and Stay asleep on long-haul Flights.
  • Easy to Apply and Remove. Patented Snoozy Sprout Stickers do NOT leave a Trace
  • Breathability (100% cotton) Dims Light
  • Accepted by All Airlines
  • Social Distance Creator

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I use my Snoozy Sprout?

When you plane has taken off and the seatbelt sign has gone off your
flight attendant will install the airplane basinet (AKA cot or infant basinet).
After the airplane basinet has been installed you will be able to instal your
Snoozy Sprout (please see video above)

Alternatively, you can use the Snoozy Sprout to put over your stroller, swaddle your baby in or to use as a baby bed cover. Please let us know any new ways you have used
Snoozy Sprout for your baby.

Is Snoozy Sprout allowed by all airlines and will it fit any airline?

We have not SnoozySprout experienced any declines of Snoozy Sprout while it not a
permanent if Snoozy Sprout and does not leave any traces. Ofcourse we are subject to personal opinions of staff on flights so if you eSnoozySproutperience any problems, please contact us and we will refund your Snoozy Sprout. Also it fits any basinet from any airline.

Does it black out all light?

No it doesn’t so it can also still let fresh air in. It filters out enough light so your baby will not notice any sudden light changes and will stay asleep.

Can I use the Snoozy Sprout stickers for anything else than to attach snoozy sprout for an airplane basinet cover?

Yes, you can also use the stickers on other surfaces than on the airplane walls. For eSnoozySproutample on walls in your childs room. Although these stickers have been created especially for airplane walls and could be harder to remove from other type of walls. The stickers are very easily applied and taken off glass so also able to use in the car. The stickers themselves are washable but after a lot of use will wear out. 

How breathable is the Snoozy Sprout

Very breathable, it’s a two layers sheet of 100% cotton which lets air through. Cotton is known for its breathability and is widely appreciated for its ability to allow air circulation and moisture absorption. As a natural fiber, cotton possesses properties that contribute to its breathability. It has an open structure with small gaps between the fibers, allowing air to flow through and promoting ventilation.

How long can I use the Snoozy Sprout stickers for?

Every swaddle pack has enough stickers for a return flight to Europe (so 4 different flights). You can resue the stickers by sticking them back on card that you got them on and reuse for the neSnoozySproutt flight. When you clean the stickers in water they will stick again, but after a lot of use you will need to dispose of the stickers. You can contact us for new stickers if you need them.